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Your security deposit is deducted from your event total. The remaining balance can be paid anytime prior to or at your event.

In The Meantime... (Add on at Anytime)

Add-on A Monogram



Personalize  your wedding reception venue with monogram initials in an elegant font  to add that extra special touch to your decor.  Our monogram light  feature can be focused on the dance floor, behind the head table, or  anywhere else you would like to display your new initials together as a  married couple!  

Dancing on a Cloud



Nothing  can elevate your wedding photos to the next level like our Dancing On a  Cloud feature.  When your first dance begins, your dance floor will be  transformed and your guests will be mesmerized by the light and odorless  cloud that will envelope you.  This special effect will become the  unique moment that everyone will be talking about for months and years  to come.  

Hashtag Wall (New for 2019)



We turn our DJ Booth (or anywhere else) into a live photo wall sharing your photos & comments using your event hashtag. 

We can help with your Ceremony


 The  sky is the limit when you hire Sas DJs to take care of your  audio/visual needs for the ceremony.  No longer are you restricted to  four walls and a roof.  Our wireless BOSE speakers will project your  vows to your guests so no one will miss a word of your special moment.  (Batteries available for remote locations)  

Up Lighting


 Add additional Up Lights for only $15 each or sets of 6 for $69 

Projector & Screen



Share  your fondest memories with your guests by providing a slideshow or  picture montage at your reception.  This feature is included with the  Peak Pricing package, and can be added for a small fee for a Non Peak  Pricing event.  Sas DJs will set up the projector and screen and remove  it when it's no longer needed.  Simply provide us with a thumb/flash  drive, CD-ROM or DVD and we'll take it from there!  

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